Accessing User Page

For an introduction to StarkEx Explorer, see this guide:

Accessing the user page is possible in multiple ways:

Connecting via MetaMask

When a user clicks on the "Connect wallet" button and approves the connection in their MetaMask wallet, the Explorer checks if the user's Ethereum address is already "registered," i.e., mapped to a StarkKey. If it's not, the user will be presented with an option to "Recover StarkKey." This operation is free of cost. By clicking on the "Recover" button, the user will be presented with a "Signature request" by the MetaMask interface. It is important to read the message that is supposed to be signed—it should be a sign-on request to an exchange. By "clicking" on the "Sign" button, the user's StarkKey will be calculated based on their Ethereum account (using the private key signature), and the user will be redirected to their User Page.